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                            THE BEEJ BOX

                     “Gift life to your loved ones. Join hands let’s make the Environment more                                                                       Sustainable for the future Generations”

                                                             COMPANY VISION

             “Our vision is to Inspire, Engage people to plant one tree per year anywhere in this World and generate Women employment”

                                                                                                                                                                        -Chitra Chauhan


“We want the involvement and contribution of people to be a part of this noble initiative which will    help to generate continuous employment for the ladies who roll the balls for us serving two motto’s one plant one person and Women Empowerment.”

                                                            COMPANY MISSION

                                            “To create Awareness and Promote Green Space amongst people considering Sustainability,

                                                                       Women Empowerment and Cost Factor”


When we are witnessing so much of Deforestation around in the city, Nearly 1 million trees have been cut in the last 1 year for either infrastructural developments or for the requirements of wood & Paper. After the ban on Plastic, the use of paper products have quadrupled leading to further cutting off nearly 10 million trees in the months to come. While we are all supporting the infrastructural development and the use of the alternative to plastic, it is our moral responsibility to ensure that we rebuild the green cover together for our future and coming generations to make the best of it.

The Beej Box contains 10 Beej Balls in a box. On the box there is space kept for your Company Logo, Slogan, name, Monogram can be printed or stickers can be pasted on the box in order to customize.

The Beej Box is made out of fertile soil, natural manure, and coco peat mixed and rolled into tiny balls with seeds. “The Beej Box is equipped with either an Indoor or an outdoor tree/plant seed inside it. The Beej Ball is a Ready to Plant ball which only needs to be thrown/plant in either a Ground/Garden where there is no concrete/Stoneground. 

Planting a tree is usually a very tedious process where one needs to dig and plant a sapling or seeds and then add right quality and quantity of manure and then wait for it to grow. Here in the case of Beej Balls, the clay is already treated with the right manure and the best quality seeds which will make the task of planting a tree so simple that one has to Just Throw/Plant it and water it and see it grow naturally.

The variety of seeds for the Plants/Trees can be customized as per your preference.*


  1. Most convenient way to make sure a lot many people come together and plant trees without creating a mess.

 2. One can choose between Indoor and Outdoor options available. The outdoor trees/Plants can be either fruit-bearing trees or the             ones which grow up to give good shade.

 3. It is the best giveaway in a small box without any spillage like in the case of saplings.

 4. Even a 3-year-old kid can grow trees using this DIY plant kit.

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